Statement from Promethean

The goal and overall purpose of Promethean is to be a publication for the Working Class. While this goal has connotations of Socialism, and while many of our editors are Socialists, we accept all writings and art struggling for workers’ power, not just in a vague form, but in the real “Commonwealth of Toil” the Revolutionary Proletariat has envisaged for the past two centuries. This includes promoting independent Proletarian writers and artists. We do not accept Reactionary or Opportunistic writings and art that promote anti-worker concepts such as Patriotism over Class Solidarity, Religious Dogmatism, or any type of Conservative rhetoric in general.

We will promote organizations and groups which we feel share similar goals and ideas with Promethean; we will not, however, promote organizations that have proven to be nothing more than Falsifiers and Hypocrites. These organizations include the bourgeois through-and-through Republican or Democratic Party, as well as Stalinist sects more focused on fawning over non-Proletarian regimes they don’t live in, such as China, the “Democratic People’s Republic” of Korea, and co., than on Proletarian struggle.

The Promethean Ethos in short is this: The Working Class above all else

We are the torch bearers of the coming world

Signed, Robert Biester, Head Editor of Promethean magazine, Natasha S. Editor of Promethean magazine, Cordelia Beatrice Head of Operations of Promethean Magazine, Nicola B. Head of Social Media